Laws and Rules

As we begin to see Electric Motorcycles on the UK roads much more frequently, we thought you may need to know answeres to the most popular questions.


How do electric motorcycles work?

An Electric motorcycle is powered by a battery instead of a petrol engine a electric motor is used to give poer to the wheels (The battery is typically a Lithium-Ion  Batteryin the latest bikes)


What Licence do I need to ride an electric motorcycle on the highway?

To ride electric motorcycles on thec roads you will need the same licence as a petrol version,as the power is rated in kilowatts (KW) so the licence required depends on the KW power.


Vehicle Category   Power in KW   Power Equivalent   Licence Required   Minimum Age


L1e-B (Moped)               4KW                 50cc                    Provisional +CBT           16

                                                                                      (With L plates)

                                                                                      or Moped Licence

L3e                         Up tp 11KW           125cc                    CBT/A1                         17

L3e                         up to 35KW            47bhp                    A2                               19

L3e                         over  35KW            Unrestricted           A                                 21(progressive Access)

                                                                                                                              24(direct Acess)


How much does an Electric motorcycle cost?

As with standard motorcycles , electric ones come in all shapes and sizes, The cost mainly will depend on the power of the motor and the size of the battery

But in general no more than the equivolent combustion engine vehicle.

At what age can I ride an electric motorcycle on the highway in the UK ?